Plantea-Floral Print Sneakers Sneakers

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The cutest summer sneakers

Put a spring in your step with these beautiful floral casual sneakers! Plantea give you the perfect everyday walking experience plus a blossoming new way to pair to go with your outfit!

Transparent in both look and feel, Plantea open up your feet in a marvelous new way! Embroidered with flowery patterns, they keep your feet breathing and free!

The soles can support you as you are on the move while the soft insides will keep your comfort throughout the day. Uplift your style with a fresh sneaker and even fresher style!

Why Plantea are for you

Step on clouds- Enjoy your walks without soring your soles, support them properly to feel nothing but lightless as you step!

Surrounded by softness- Light, breathable and transparent, Plantea provide your feet with the softest embrace imaginable!

Blooming from below- Show your feet in a beautiful new way, keep your style unique with the marvelous flowery patterns!

Plantea are the ultimate choice- Step out feeling comfy, supported and styled with your freshest blooming pair!